Our Logo

The Erskine & Blackburn, L.L.P. logo was created and designed by Blake and Mark with the help of Graphics Artist James Gilligan. Blake and Mark wanted a logo representing their individual character and their passion for helping others in their profession.

The star in the center of the logo represents Blake and Mark’s love for the Great State of Texas and its glorious history. It is the Lone Star State because it has stood alone as a sovereign nation and conquered every adversity with unyielding courage, heroism, and tenacity of those who love it by the grace of God.


“…I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, and our flag still waves proudly from the walls. I shall never surrender nor retreat.”

– William Barrett Travis, Lawyer and Lt. Col. Comdt. of the Alamo


The horns coming off the star represent Blake and Mark’s respect for the character of the Texas Longhorn. This remarkable animal with sweeping horns is another proud symbol of Texas. God designed the Texas Longhorn with an enduring body and spirit that was able to survive diverse terrain and weather, disease and countless predators with its tenacious courage to become a living legend.

These unique qualities of our State and the Texas Longhorn, represent us and our passion for each cause we champion for our clients.